Going Vintage

At my engagement shoot with Bohan and Heather Tuesday I had an opportunity to go back in time, if only for 1/1000th of a second.

My photos typically have something of a warm vintage look, but I tend to subdue the effect somewhat so they have more of a timeless quality as opposed to exactly replicating a specific era. But this time I indulged a frame or two to capture a fairly accurate 1970s look.

We had perfect light as the sun drew lower, casting a warm glow and bringing out the color in the generally disappointing fall we had this year. We stopped briefly by the stream where a couple large rocks made for a perfect posing stool. In the background reeds blew in the wind. I saw the potential for a 1970s look right away. It seems that lens flare was pretty popular at the time so I made sure to get the sun in the frame and used a touch of flash to keep the happy couple from being silhouettes in the finish photo.

I HATE posing with a passion and I’m not particularly fond of having my couples look right at the camera either. Instead, I simply suggested they sit on the rocks and look off in the general direction of a tree to my right. I like how natural and relaxed they look.

I particularly love the significantly lowered contrast on the right side deepens into intense color and shadows as the eye moves left. This is a good example of actually constructing a photograph rather than just “taking” one.


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