Here come the holidays!

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and I am working my tush off to finish all my weddings by mid-December so all my couples can have their images to share with visiting friends and family.  I’m momentarily out of commission at the moment due to a small out-patient surgery, but after a day or two of rest I’ll be back at it, processing like mad!

I’m also going to work on getting some of my fine art images put together for sale.  I’ve got some images I’m really happy with, and am eager to offer them as decorative pieces for homes and offices.  Stay tuned for more development on that.

Interest in next year’s wedding schedule has been encouraging so far, I’m hoping it only continues to climb as the year comes to a close.

My son turned a year old on Wednesday.  How did that happen??  Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that he was a tiny newborn.  My daughter is nearly three years old – they grow up too quickly!  (But at least I have plenty of pictures!)

As the holidays near, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy season, and to never pass up an opportunity to take, or be in, photos!  These days will pass quickly enough and then you’ll only have your images to remember the moments.


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