The Post Holiday Drag.

While I love gorging myself on turkey and all the assorted trimmings, I always have a really hard time getting back into the groove afterwards.  It didn’t help that I’ve been battling a bit of a cold over the holiday – complete with heavy sinus congestion and nearly constant nose issues – that necessitated additional rest that kept me kind of fuzzy headed over the weekend.  Whee.  What fun.

Thankfully the sinus pressure lessened enough so that my head did not explode on Saturday, as I had a family reunion/get together to shoot for a client.  It was a lot of fun, at a beautiful home with lots of great people.  It’s next on my list of processing to do and should yield plenty of great images.

I’m happy to report that my sinus issues seem to have resolved themselves, though not without a major battle from me!  I hate being sick or less than 100% – I’m not an easy patient as my wife will confirm.  Now I’m dealing with the aftermath – specifically, a cough with some post nasal drip.  Ick!  But don’t worry, I’m throwing enough cold medication at it to bring down a rhino in an attempt to get myself back to full speed.

My various health issues haven’t stopped me from working, however, and I’ve been spending hours every day and evening getting all my processing caught up.  Rolling right along!  Almost finished with another wedding, in fact.  I’m just plugging right along.

I hope everyone’s holiday went well and didn’t result in police intervention!  😉  But those are always the best holiday stories to tell in the years to come.  Ahh, family fun.


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