Some of My Favorite Wedding Images from 2010

Well, 2011 has hit the ground with a running start. So, before I get too involved with the new year, I thought it would be a good time to take a moment and have a look at some of my favorite photos from my 2010 weddings.

An emotional phone call.

Celeste had hoped that her brother would be able to walk her down the aisle, but unfortunately he was deployed in Afghanistan on her wedding day. So, when she was handed a surprise phone call from him just before the ceremony she was moved to tears. It’s very touching that he went through the process of calling her from the other side of the world. It’s not exactly like calling from next door.

What a ham!

I loved this little girl! She clearly enjoyed her role as a flower girl and really hammed it up as she made her way to the altar. The bride, Holly, was still “backstage” at this point and didn’t have the opportunity to see what her guests were all chuckling about, so I was happy to be able to capture the moment for her.

Everybody smile!

Just after Laura and Alan’s ceremony I grabbed this shot as some of her wedding party was kidding around. This one image pretty much sums up the atmosphere of the entire day.

A quiet moment.

I know this image may be a bit cliché, but I really like it anyway. It captures the contemplative mood just before we all headed to the park for the outdoor ceremony.

Quiet reflection.

Not forgetting that it’s an important part of the wedding story, I wanted to include this photo from Heather and Bohan’s engagement session. It was one of those late fall afternoons where the light was just about perfect as we walked around the park, stopping here and there for some photos. As they sat on an outcrop of boulders I saw this 1970s inspired photo even before I raised the camera, complete with “vintage” lens flare and warm, earthy colors. It’s become one of my favorite photos of the year.

Silhouette dance.

Receptions can be hard places to get new, creative shots. It’s always dark, and most reception venues look pretty much the same, so it’s a challenge to get something different. As the bride and groom had their first dance, the pattern of light reflecting from the disco ball on the wall behind and the utter lack of light on the couple themselves seemed the perfect opportunity to capture the couple in silhouette.

Finally, my personal favorite photo of 2010.

Too much excitement.

2010 was a great year for my photography career, and here’s hoping 2011 will be even better!


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