Vegas Photos, Anyone?

This next week I’m heading to Las Vegas for the annual WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International, convention. It’s a great opportunity to put my finger on the pulse of the wedding photo industry, check out new albums and other products, and come back with ideas aplenty for this year.

So, if you are looking for something a little different for your engagement photos and don’t mind a trip to the sun and warmth of Las Vegas next week, give me a call and we’ll get together for some fun destination portraits.

On a more personal note, my daughter Kayleigh Anne turned 3 at the beginning of this month and started preschool. It’s bittersweet to see your baby off to school–I know she loves it and it’s great for her, but it’s so sad to see your little girl entering “the world” and being out of your sight all day.

I’ve been really enjoying this beautiful spring-like weather and am getting out in it whenever possible. As a life-long cabin fever sufferer when cooped up inside for too long, I’m glad to see the white stuff go. I was testing some new equipment at the botanical garden on Monday and found it surreal to still see snow on the ground but feel perfectly comfortable in a light sweater.

I hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying this great weather. Let’s get together to get some great photos before the St. Louis summertime humidity has us all stuck inside again.


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