Carissa and Eric’s Vintage Wedding

Friday I had the genuine pleasure of photographing Carissa and Eric’s wedding in St. Charles. Their wedding had a vintage theme which I find very near and dear to my heart. My photos have something of a vintage feel to them in the first place, so it just seemed like a perfect match. Still, no matter the theme, what makes a wedding special is the people and Friday was no exception. Everyone was just wonderful. True to theme, I had a great time showing up in my Fedora, suspenders, and bow tie (yes, one that you tie yourself).

I’m very excited about the first images I’ve looked at. Here are a few quick picks.

There was clearly a 1940’s Hollywood feel to the day. While I don’t tend to be heavy with posing, I made sure to capture some classic black and white glamor shots. I prefer to work fast and light without a large, distracting lighting setup in order to keep the momentum of the day at full speed. This was done with a single light, held off camera, and took all of one minute to set up.

Taken about two minutes later, I gave only the barest suggestion of the pose, then turned to her maid of honor and asked her if she had any embarrassing stories about Carissa, which naturally made her break into a very natural laugh and I fired away. It’s a great way to avoid those cheesy “smile at the camera” grins.

I love when there’s a vintage car involved, and this time it was one of my all-time favorites, a ’59 Ford retractable hardtop convertible that had been in Carissa’s family forever.

Just after the ceremony we stole away for about five minutes before the official formals. The last thing I want is a generic “stand together and face the camera” snapshot, but I also hate heavy handed posing. I saw a chair in the corner in front of a nice cabinet and simply suggested that Carissa sit on Eric’s lap and that they chat just a bit. When you are working with two people that are so clearly in love the expressions just come naturally.

Look how much love there is in this photo! This one actually makes me choke up a bit whenever I see it. We all bring our own experiences when we view a photo, and when I see this image I see myself someday having to let go of my own daughter.

Finally, just a little romance from the dance floor.

More images can be seen in this post.


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