Photos and Memories Live On

It’s been a strange week. While Saturday’s wedding with Emily and Simon was absolutely amazing I can’t help but feel a little sobered. Just this week I heard from some of my past couples who lost someone who was in their wedding. One bride lost her Aunt who walked her down the aisle while another lost a groomsman to an accident.

In both cases they told me how very grateful they were to have photos of them from the wedding day. I’ve always believed that wedding photography is meaningful as a way of capturing wonderful memories – it’s why I put so much effort and energy into making them more than just snapshots.

However, this week was a good reminder of how important those photos can be for more than just romantic memories of a fun celebration. They tell more than just the story of who was at the wedding, they should also tell a little something about the people who share our lives.

I always try to capture a touch of actual personality in every photo. This week has reminded me of just how important that really is.


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