Brittany and Ryan’s Wedding

Friday I had the pleasure of photographing Brittany and Ryan’s wedding at the historic Daniel Boone home. We had an interesting mix of weather, patches of sun followed minutes later by rain throughout the day. Fortunately we were able to get some great outdoor time even though we didn’t make it to the winery like we’d hoped.

I had the opportunity to shoot a lot of infrared this time. Traditionally infrared is thought of as outdoor-only photography, but I had a lot of fun using it in a variety of situations including indoors during the ceremony and the reception.

The Daniel Boone residence is very picturesque and had a lot of great nooks and crannies for photography. The chapel is beautiful and perfect for small weddings of up to maybe 100. Overall the staff seemed friendly, but make sure you don’t run out of time because once your time is up they want you OUT. Considering that I have yet to experience a wedding that goes completely according to schedule, it seems a bit inflexible.

The reception was at the Trigg Banquet Center in O’Fallon. I definitely recommend it. The facility was very nice, not terribly ornate but elegant and well maintained. The owner and staff were friendly and seemed to have the couple’s interests at heart.

Here are some of my favorites so far from that wedding.


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