Heather and Bohan’s Wedding

I’ve looked forward to photographing Heather and Bohan’s wedding for a long time. I’m actually sad that it’s over, but what great memories! This is a couple that is just so right for each other that wonderful, emotional moments just come naturally in each photo. The weather was gray and dull with regular rain, but we took advantage of the intermittent dry spells to get some photos at the gazebo.

Their wedding and reception were at Herman Hills in beautiful Herman, Missouri. Herman Hills is one of my favorite wedding venues and I can’t recommend it enough. (I don’t make recommendations of people or places that I haven’t worked personally with, and then only when I’m impressed) It’s a beautiful location on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River with a fantastic staff and really great food. A couple days before the wedding they gave me a call (and I assume the DJ, florist and the like) to make sure that we had good directions and to coordinate schedules. It’s that sort of professional touch that makes an impression on me.

Here are a couple of my favorite moments from the day.


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