Big Prints at Herman Hill

It’s certainly been a busy week. Besides the engagement sessions and an exciting, big wedding Saturday, much of my time has been spent on a project with Herman Hill Wedding Chapel. I’ve shot a number of weddings there this year and last and always found it to be an ideal wedding location. Between the beautiful Missouri River bluffs, the well designed facilities and the very helpful staff, it really is an optimal setting where I don’t have to fight someone or something to get great photos for my couples.

After they saw some previews from a recent wedding, we talked about putting together a number of prints that they could display. What we ended up with were two large, floating composite wall displays. The largest of these was composed of two huge prints mounted on aluminum, one 40 x 60 inches and the other 34 x 56 inches.

A few images from Bohan and Heather's wedding.

It’s such a thrill to see my photos at such a large size. After some challenges with delivery and installation they’re up and, if I may be so bold, quite impressive. Due to scheduling conflicts, Carol made the final drive out for the installation, so the first time I saw them mounted was on Sunday, September 11th during their late summer Bridal Trail gala.

More from Heather and Bohan's big day, and me!

I can’t thank Herman Hill enough. Be sure to stop by and while you’re there, be sure to check out the big print display.

Small table displays of some of my images.

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