What Are Wedding Photos Really Worth?

What is the real value of wedding photography? Let’s face it, wedding photography can be pretty big investment. Is complete coverage of the wedding day really worth $500 or $1000 or $2500 or more?

How about a single photo? What is one decent photo of the wedding cake worth? We can pretty much assume that the cake is gone once the day is over so really all a bride has to show for it is that photo.

• This cake cost $800.

• The bride and her mother spent a total of five hours driving to four different bakeries to find the right one. (five hours X two people = ten hours total)

• Another $65 was spent for the cake topper.

Therefore, a single, quality photo of that cake is worth $865 and ten hours of time. For the rest of her life, this is all the bride has left to enjoy of that $865 and ten hours: photos and a cake topper that most likely winds up in a box in the attic.

The fact is the whole wedding day is exactly like our cake example. The average wedding in the St. Louis area costs between $16,274 and $27,123 (source: Of that expense, what do you have to enjoy on a day-to-day basis? Not the venues, most are rented for the day. Not the dress, it’s likely in the attic next to the cake topper (Seriously, are you going to wear it to work?). Not the flowers, or the meals, definitely not the alcohol, not the music…

And how many hours or days or weeks were spent planning, organizing, creating, decorating?

Really, all you have left after thousands of dollars and countless hours are your photos. Yes, you have memories, but photos are the spark that reignites often forgotten moments. You can enjoy your photos every day if you like. You can share them with loved ones who couldn’t attend, or years later with children who weren’t born yet.

When you look at it that way, your wedding photos are worth an awful lot! At that rate, even the priciest package is quite a bargain.


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