Candid Wedding Photography

Quiet Observation

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s a good time to look back at the year. Rather than just show a bunch of photos, however, I thought it would be a nice change to show a single photo or two at a time and briefly break each down in order to give a little insight into my style of wedding photography and the thought process behind them.

One signature of my style is that most of the photos I capture during the day are in something of a photo-journalistic, fly-on-the-wall style. I don’t get persnickety about posing and I absolutely hate “say cheese,” smile-at-the-camera images. Instead what I capture are unplanned moments as they unfold – sometimes from the front, sometimes from the back or sides – giving the viewer the impression of being present but not interacting directly.

A mother's quiet observation.

I love this one and it speaks so eloquently of the kind of work I like to produce. We see the maid of honor helping the bride get ready in the background while the bride’s mother looks on. The focus is on the bride’s mother clearly indicating that she is the main character of this particular image. In this photo we’re not looking at the story of the bride, rather this is the story of a proud mother. One interesting aspect is that nobody’s face is overtly clear, yet we know all the characters involved.

Consider the emotion and memories an image like this would conjure, as opposed to a stare-straight-at-the-camera-and-smile style.  This is what I do–capture moments and emotion. Not stiff poses and forced smiles.

Other Candid Moments:


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