Candid Wedding Photography

The Toast

I’ve always loved this image which was taken during the best man’s toast. Often you’ll see photos of the best man and maid of honor, microphone to lips, but I often find the reaction makes for a much better story. In this case, as the tale was told, one of the groomsmen was doing all he could to hold in his laughter.

Hold it together, Groomsman!

The bride and groom are slightly (and intentionally) out of focus in the background, clearly identifiable, but the real story here is the groomsman trying to hold it in. A slight camera tilt echoes the tilt of his head. After this was captured, careful brightening and darkening really draws the eye right to him.

This is the sort of moment that makes a wedding day special and the kind of unscripted image that I strive to create throughout the day.

Other Candid Moments:


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