Candid Wedding Photography

Truth, Not Perfection

Real moments. That’s what I’m drawn to.

There is no such thing as a perfect photo, just a perfect moment. If this photo were staged I would have made sure that the background was cleaner without the distraction of the chairs and windows, much less one of the bridesmaids sitting on the sill. But moments like aren’t staged or planned and a documentary photographer captures them as they unfold.

True Moments

Careful processing draws the eye away from the distractions and to the subject of the photo. Still, the composition is strong and, in a way, I actually prefer the background as it gives a sense of place and speaks clearly of the moment’s spontaneity.

I put far more value in capturing the emotion of the moment that creating a “perfect” photograph. To me, perfection is about preserving a memory.

Other Candid Moments:


2 thoughts on “Truth, Not Perfection”

  1. Wow it was amazing! The photograph was like a vintage. Actually it was a good set up and back ground.In fact not too much background is better. If you’ve noticed the photo is full of memory between the bride and the flower girl that is why I like it. You will be able to feel the special connection. Great job!

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