Candid Wedding Photography


This photo captures the essence of what I love about unobtrusive wedding photography. It’s completely unstaged. To be honest, it’s one that could have easily been missed had I not been constantly glancing in just about every direction.

Unstaged Happiness

The ceremony had just finished and the receiving line was well underway. I tend to capture a few images to give the overall feel, but I don’t even attempt to get a photos of every greeting. As guests leave the line they tend to mill about, talking, laughing, and generally creating some great moments – which is where I typically concentrate my attention.

With half of the guests still waiting to say their congratulations, I noticed a short gap in the line while the bride and groom were taking a second just for themselves. It was an absolutely beautiful moment and without even thinking I turned around and captured. They didn’t even realize I was there.

There is no way this kind of emotion could be captured had I intruded and had them smile at the camera.

Other Candid Moments:


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