How I Work

Informal Formals

Yes, I do photograph posed formals. While I’m primarily focused on candid moments and unstaged emotional photos throughout the day, posed formals are still an important part of wedding photography. But let’s face it, they’re typically a real drag. After all, who wants to stand stiffly in a lineup, shoulder to shoulder with an unnatural smile pasted on their face while some guy points a big camera at them? What a way to suck the fun from a celebration. I’m all about having fun!

Enter the informal formals. It’s my way of keeping things fast, fun, and light hearted while getting the important photos that are such a defining part of wedding photography. Most importantly, it lets individual personalities show through better than the stiff lineups.

Informal Formals

I keep the group loosely arranged but I don’t obsess over placement or perfection. By letting the group arrange themselves everyone tends to find a spot that’s comfortable and suits their personality. If someone likes to lean against a pillar, I let them lean. If someone tends to stand with their hands in their pockets, do it!

I’ll say, “Okay, (Bride) and (Groom), you guys are the stars of the day, so you’re right up front. The rest… eh… mill around right over here. The first two guys to get their jackets off get to be comfortable.”

Ultimately, I’m a relaxed photographer who puts more emphasis on making sure everyone has a good time than trying to achieve studio perfection in every photograph. Informal formals are a great bridge between my predominantly unstaged storytelling and the need for posed photographs.

How I Work:



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