How I Work

The First Look

It is becoming more common for couples to see each other before the ceremony. Often when the ceremony rolls directly into the reception it means that formals are done before the walk down the aisle. (By the way, I neither encourage nor discourage this kind of schedule, I love both.)

While this may be a boon for scheduling, it does mean the bride’s first appearance as she walks down the aisle doesn’t have the “Wow!” factor with the groom as he already knows what to expect. In these cases I strongly encourage setting up a First Look.

Basically the First Look is a private time where the bride presents herself, dressed and at her most beautiful, to the groom. It’s always full of emotion and has a wonderful “Wow!” factor. Because it’s generally a very private time, the couple’s personalities really shine. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes laughs, but it’s always genuine.


In this case, Clint and I were outside waiting for Natalie. He was facing away from his approaching bride while, I must admit, I was doing my best to pique his anticipation. Actually, I didn’t have to say much, there was genuine excitement in the air. Little did I know that Natalie would close the last few feet sneaking up to surprise him. What a moment!

How I Work:


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