How I Work

The Experience

This is one of my favorite photos to use as an example of the kind of photo experience I try to bring to the day. For vast majority of the day I’m very unobtrusive and try to remain invisible, but there are times when it is important to step in and create a photo. Still, I don’t do a lot of posing or directing.

Here we have Carissa, arriving at her Hollywood premiere . . . I mean, wedding.

In this case, Carissa was waiting on the curb as her father was loading his beautiful 1959 Ford Skyliner (yes, I’m quite the old-car geek, I admit). It was a vintage themed wedding and she was really into the part. As she waited I noticed her long vintage cigarette holder which, along with the mink, just screamed Golden-era HOLLYWOOD.

Extremely excited, as I tend to get, I said, “Oh! Oh! Stand right here,” indicating near the front fender. “Okay, you just arrived at your big Hollywood premiere. GO!”

No posing, no “look at the camera” just a quick scenario and a lot of fun. As you can see, she was really hamming it up. It took about twenty seconds to fire off half a dozen different looks, but by far this was my favorite. To me, having a great experience is top priority.

How I Work:


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