How I Work

The Importance of Details

Details are ALWAYS important! They are an important part of telling the whole story of a wedding day. After all, if details didn’t matter, why spend so much time picking the flowers, selecting the cake, or trying on dress after dress to find just the right one?

While my primary focus during the day is on people, their emotions, their interactions, a good number of photos are dedicated to those special details that help flesh out the complete story. The flowers, the cake, the dress, even items of food that I’ve been told the bride or groom specifically requested… all these details help preserve the feel and setting of the day as a whole.

Family Slip

In this case, this was a family slip, worn by several generations on the wedding day. Each new generation adds a layer of lace and detail. This is a very important element that needed to be preserved as part of the overall wedding story.

It it likely to be printed big and hung on the wall? Doubtful. But it made the album. Even if it didn’t, it is still a valuable part of the day and an important memory to be preserved.

How I Work:


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