Fine Art Prints

This has been a very exciting week as I’ve introduced a growing collection of fine art prints.

As regular visitors know, my professional work has primarily been focused on wedding and portrait photography. All the while I’ve maintained a passion for creating photography for the sake of art itself. Since so many of my wedding couples have asked to purchase prints of my personal work I’ve been encouraged me to “get serious” about presenting artistic images.

My tastes are fairly eclectic ranging from bold black and white to vibrant color, particularly in my Hand Colored series. I’m also a huge fan of the classic, vintage feel of warm colors and dark shadow tones. If I had to make a broad statement about what ties my different styles together, I’d have to say it is strong contrast, and careful arrangement of bright and deep tones that draw the eye through the image.

Crooked Bridge - An example of my hand colored series.

The fine art is being displayed and promoted through a separate website and blog at Please feel free to take a look and return often as the collection is growing daily.

Quiet Tree

If any strike your fancy, touch your soul and absolutely scream “HANG ME ON YOUR WALL!!” you can order a print of your very own through the link below the image on the print blog, or search through the complete gallery by CLICKING HERE.


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