Daniel Boone Peace Chapel in Infrared

This has been one of my most popular and asked about images of 2011 and I have to admit it’s one of my personal favorites as well. The photo itself was photographed with a modified infrared camera which creates a native black and white image. Infrared renders leaves and grass in brilliant white rather than dark gray like traditional black and white. But it’s at its best in bright sunlight.

Daniel Boone Peace Chapel

Unfortunately we were plagued with a dull, rainy day. Just after the ceremony the rain stopped for a few minutes as the party lined up for the receiving line and I walked around the churchyard taking in the scene as a whole. Suddenly, the sun broke through the clouds for all of ten seconds lighting the chapel in beautiful light while the dark clouds provides a dramatic backdrop. I quickly changed from color camera to infrared camera and just had time to create a couple of images before the sun disappeared for the rest of the day. Minutes later it was raining again.

While no one could have predicted if or when the sun would appear, luck favors the prepared and I was in the right place at the right time to capture the scene. Some careful enhancement, mostly dodging and burning, really brought out the depth of the tones. I have a 24×36 inch print of this photo hanging in my studio and I regularly take a few minutes to lose myself in it.


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