How I Work

Side Stories

Too often a wedding photographer is so fixated on the bride and groom that he or she can miss some great storytelling. It’s so important to look around and see what else is happening. Moments like these enrich the story.

Watching Quietly
Quiet Thoughts

In this case, the bride was helping her mother fix her hair before the ceremony. With the flurry of activity around the vanity mirror, it would be easy to miss the bridesmaid taking a few moments to herself and watching the scene while waiting her turn. I was drawn to her relative calm despite the anxiety of the morning. Just after I took the second image she gave me a bemused look that seemed to say, “Seriously? A photo of me sitting on the bed?” But I feel little moments like these help tell a deeper, more compelling wedding story.

To see more examples of how I work, CLICK HERE.


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