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Telling the Story – Photos That Go Together

Some photos simply go together in sequence. Individually they may be good, but the real strength comes in the combination of the two. Because wedding photography is about story, not single snapshots, I always look for short sequences that create a sense of a bigger picture.

Here we have a young man giving a reading at the wedding. His mother, one of the bridesmaids, was clearly very excited. Alone the photo of the boy documents a moment. When seen by itself we’re left wondering why the one bridesmaid is so much more excited than the other two. Together, however, we see piece of a true story, complete in its own little world.

A Mother's Reaction

Groupings like these really come to life in the album where they can be displayed together properly. Ultimately, sequences are one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of actually telling a story rather than simply snapping a bunch of photos.

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