On The Beach With Jenna and Seth

It’s been a very busy week since my return from Savannah, GA where I had the pleasure of working with Jenna and Seth for a destination engagement session. Savannah is a beautiful city and we were fortunate to have perfect weather for the duration.

Jenna and Seth on the Beach

While I don’t typically post “here are some photos from my recent engagement session/wedding/etc”, I’m breaking a bit with my self-imposed rules because it gives me a chance to walk through my engagement sessions.

The basic session that’s included with each package is a quick get-together, maybe twenty minutes or so. The main goal is to simply capture a few nice photos for announcements, save the date cards, and the like. And, of course, it’s always relaxed. Most couples find this is exactly what they are looking for.

The extended sessions, much like the get-together with Jenna and Seth, are somewhat more extensive. The goal here is to create a small body of work that tells a bit of the story of their relationship before tying the knot. We get together for anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half and capture in a much more candid style.

With Jenna and Seth, we basically took a walk around Savannah, stopping here and there for some photos. I spend a lot of time asking the couple to “just ignore me for a bit” and have a nice moment together. Usually that’s when the real magic happens.

Because I’m creating a story with a body of work rather than creating one-off photos for the wall or publication, presentation is typically different. Most couples find that a small album is the perfect way to tell the story. Often we’ll use the photos to create a signature guest book for wedding guests to autograph on the wedding day, thus sharing the story with the people that are most dear.

Regardless of the engagement package, be it the basic get-together or an extended session, I always try to make it relaxed and generally have fun.


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