Looking Good! A Long Awaited Studio Update

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m very happy to say that the Patrick Pope Photography studio is updated, expanded, and better than ever!

Previously I was using a little space in the front of my Wentzville building to meet with couples and show samples while the bulk of the building was used as a production area and housed leftover desk units from my days of commercial photography and graphic design. It was nice enough, but I never felt that the studio was representative of the actual photography I strive to produce. Basically, I work hard to produce A+ work, but my studio space screamed B- at best.

No longer! Carol and I spent about every ounce of energy we had lately tearing down desks, cleaning, putting up new prints, and generally redoing the entire area. All this in between a lot of engagement sessions and commercial photography assignments.

New Meeting Area

The new meeting area is roughly five times the size of the old with a very nice seating area and a large display to view photos. It’s much easier to fit more guests as well, so no more crowding into that little space if parents and friends come along with the happy couple-to-be.


Although the reduced-for-web-sized photos don’t really do it justice, I’m very excited about the expanded space. If you’re in the Wentzville area, stop by and have a look! I’d love to show it to you in person!


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