Elevator Moments at my Chase Park Plaza Wedding

This is a perfect example of the type of photography that I’m exceptionally passionate about… little moments that absolutely make the wedding story. This took place in the elevator of the Chase Park Plaza on the way upstairs to the ceremony.

A tight hug in close quarters.

The space was extremely tight to work in, but the framing is no accident. It may look like a grab shot, but actually there’s a lot going on in this seemingly simple photo. The bride and flower girl having a moment… a couple bridesmaids looking on, clearly enjoying their conversation… even the bride’s mother taking a picture. The center of attention is very clearly on the younger member of the bridal party and it’s pretty clear she knows it! The fact that every single person in the frame is looking her way helps to direct our gaze (as the viewers) right to her as well as imply the importance of the moment. Careful darkening and brightening further draws the eye.

I just love this photo! It may not be a posed glamor shot that would make a magazine cover, but it’s a very real, very special moment that tells a wonderful part of the wedding story.


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