Candid Wedding Photography

Lighthearted Wedding Photography

I have a quirky sense of humor. There are plenty of lighthearted moments on the wedding day that strike me as somewhat funny. Or at least amusing. I love it when I can capture a moment like that.

I see you!

Let’s face it, weddings can sometimes be overly serious, full of stress, and occasionally downright scary. I take my role as storyteller exceptionally seriously, but I relish the little moments that make me smile.

I see you, too!

The bride gave me a lot of grief over this photo, which was taken just after the ceremony while the guests were waiting for the newlyweds to emerge at the church doors. It’s just a cute little moment, but opinions differ. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful peek at “a kid being a kid.” I love how he’s kind of hiding but not really. It’s not as though I missed out a “good” photo just so I could include this one.

Despite the occasional humorless couple, I love to find little moments that bring a smile to my face, and in so doing I hope it brings an even bigger smile to the couple’s faces. As a photographer that specializes in emotional images, I want to present a wide range of moods, from touching, to deeply loving, to careless fun… and yes… even the occasional lighthearted moment of humor.


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