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Storytelling – Wide and Close

Last minute nail detail.

When telling the wedding story I like the combination of wide(ish) establishing shot, then a tight closeup for more detail. Such as the photo above of Felicia at the vanity painting her nails. The first shows us who and where as well as letting us know what is going on. Most photographers would stop there, if they even took those behind-the-scenes shots in the first place. However, the second shot brings us in tighter for a detailed view of what’s happening. Notice the whole feel is different? The establishing shot is all about our lovely bride’s expression and body language while the second is all about the action.

Getting the wrinkles out.

Here is another preparation moment with the wide/tight one-two combo punch. Bam! Bam! Again we have an establishing image, the ladies doing some last minute touchup to the bride’s dress in the hotel room (I love the detail of the steam as it wafts skyward). The first photo is all about who and an overall impression of what is happening. Next we have a closeup of the iron and the careful hand’s deft manipulation of the delicate fabric. While the first photo could stand on its own, adding the second creates a deeper, richer story.


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