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Why Did You Shoot THAT?


Why did I shoot an umbrella sitting on a chair? Why did I include a close-up photo of a pie? What’s the deal?

Quite simply, details are important in wedding photography. Little details can spark a memory or help tell a story.

For instance, the umbrella above was taken last weekend just before an outdoor ceremony at the Jaycee Pavilion in St. Charles. Storm clouds were just over the river and the threat of rain was constant. The umbrella is such a simple shot, but it says a lot about the day. Along with other establishing photos it sets the scene. Best of all, it will spark a memory in years to come. (“Oh yeah, remember how it looked like it could rain at any moment? We got so lucky that it didn’t!”)

Or the photo below. The couple at first asked why I included a closeup of the pie that Carol photographed during the reception. The answer is simple: the groom had one request for the meal, a home-made pie. It’s part of the story of the day. It’s a memory.


Certainly no one is going to hang a 24×36 inch print of an umbrella or pie on their wall. But it contributes to the overall feel of place and experience of the day. A true story is not a bunch of posed “smile at the camera” shots but rather a series of photos that build the narrative through a larger body of work.


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