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The Guys

Follow the Arrow

Can you guess which one is the groom?

When it comes to formals, I simply can’t say enough times how I like to keep it casual and relaxed. I HATE static lineups where I might as well have a stock shot of a wedding party posed and lined up and just paste in new faces. Casual formals let everyone be themselves and show a bit of their unique personality. It’s also a lot more fun for everyone.

It also lends to a bit more creativity. Although it had been raining off and on, we had a break before the ceremony to run outside and get some formals out of the way. We were in the church parking lot (I really loved the picturesque hillside spread out in the background) when I noticed the directional arrow painted on the asphalt. For most of the photos we shot at the time I tried to make the asphalt disappear, but the arrow was too tempting to resist. In a blink I put the groom at the arrow point and had the rest of the guys mill around a few feet away. It’s a fun shot.


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