An Afternoon With Laura and Andrew at Forest Park

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Laura and Andrew’s wedding. Honestly, I’ve been so busy this last couple months with at least one wedding per week (sometimes more) that I’m a bit backlogged on blog posts. But here are a couple from Saturday that spoke to me.

We spent a bit of time at Forest Park for a few photos before heading to the reception.




Between the heat and the pace of the day, most everyone took a few minutes to rest during the limo ride to the reception. Maybe not the sharpest shot – it was taken in a dark, moving limo – but I love the moment it captures.

Catching our breath. 

A little bit different take on the cake details:

Before the cutting. 

Just as Laura sat down for the garter toss, Andrew and the guys surprised her with a great song and dance! It was quite a hit.

A surprise song and dance.

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