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Using Natural Light

Natural light for the win!

I’m very much a natural light photographer first and foremost. There are times when it simply isn’t possible to rely on only natural light and still get the shot I envision. Yet, whenever I can I prefer to rely on natural light of the environment and try to use it creatively.

Case in point, David was strongly backlit in front of the large picture window. To capture details of his face I needed to use the flash (and I did for another shot). But I really wanted to catch more of the feel of the moment while he waited to see Felicia for the first time in her beautiful dress. With the Arch in the background and perfect clouds floating by creating such a great backdrop, I let him fade into silhouette.

The end result: a strong image with a fine art look that really captures a sense of mood and place. All done by using natural light creatively.


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