Farewell, Neil

Farewell, Neil

Today I’m taking a moment for a personal note. As a huge admirer of the early space program I always had a great deal of respect for the astronauts who risked their lives in pursuit of a goal they felt was greater than themselves. True explorers. Although the best of them would be quick to point out it was a team effort on the part of many thousands of individuals, most of whom never get the recognition they rightfully deserve.

I’ve been quite saddened by the loss of Neil Armstrong this past weekend. While looking through some personal photos that I took just days before his passing, this image of my daughter Kayleigh Anne really struck me. A piece of coincidental timing, she’s been on a bit of an astronaut kick lately.

I’ll end by bidding Neil Armstrong a fond farewell and offer my thanks for the risks he was willing to accept as part of a monumental goal.


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