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Negative Space

Negative Space

My background as a graphic designer and commercial photographer has a strong influence on my composition. When you start your image-making career with a pen in hand, rather than a camera, you just think differently about the space you have to work with to get your message across. Instead of trying to fill every inch of space in the frame, I often prefer a “less is more” approach.

Negative space – essentially blank areas of an image – are an important design consideration when creating a strong photograph. It “pushes” the eye to the area of interest, thus directing the viewer’s gaze, while at the same time offering a little visual rest.

This image struck me for its bold simplicity and graphic design, while still telling a story. Here we see the groom just moments before it was time to head to the sanctuary and start the show. Roughly half the frame is negative space (we were in a featureless white hallway). The groom’s body language is really more implied through silhouette rather than actual details. In fact, about the only detailed parts of the photo are his hands and watch, which presents the “action.” We don’t need to see his face at all to get the gist of the story.


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