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Motion and Staging


Just the Right Movement

This photo has just the right touch of motion blur to imply movement as the bride and groom spun and twirled over the lit floor of St. Louis Union Station. The touch of blur was quite intentional using a slow shutter speed with the camera braced on the railing of the balcony above.

Yes, we stole away from the reception to get some photos at this location, so in that sense it is a staged event. I consider anything that the couple wouldn’t otherwise do unless it was specifically for a photo to be staged. However, I tried to make it as natural as it could possibly be.

They asked what to do, and I was frustratingly vague. You see, once I start saying, “Do this. Now do that,” it’s not a true story about who the couple is. It becomes a fictional story about who I want them to look like. So, I try not to give a lot of direction unless absolutely necessary.

When they asked what they should do, I said, “It doesn’t matter. Dance around. Kiss. Whatever feels right.” I know this frustrates some people who look to the photographer to create photos, but I’m not interested in perfect photos. I’m interested in perfect MOMENTS. And those only happen when people are completely themselves, not who I want them to be.



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