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Carousel at Faust Park

Round and round she goes . . .

I always encourage having a fun wedding day activity instead of just heading from spot to spot to stand in front of a pretty background for posed photos. Dedicating the afternoon to posing for photos isn’t all that much fun for most of the wedding party.

But having an activity where everyone can pretty much just do their own thing seems to be a big hit. Some groups I’ve worked with this year head to the pub and hang out in the game room, some go to the zoo, or in this case we all rode the carousel at Faust Park in Chesterfield.

Having fun

It fits my documentary style exceptionally well. No playing to the camera, no copy-cat poses snatched from Pinterest, just natural interactions. No one had to plaster an awkward smile on their face or stand around waiting for the photographer to pose the rest of the group. And the photos are truly as unique and original as the members of the wedding party themselves. In short, it was actually fun!

Ladies on the go
A Moving Kiss

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