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Memories from the St. Louis Bride & Groom Wedding Show



The 2013 St. Louis Bride & Groom show is now a memory. But what a memory it is! I had a fantastic time meeting so many great folks. Despite being exhausting I really have a lot of fun at wedding shows.

As always, I get a lot of comments that give me a fresh perspective on my photography.

You photograph faces,” I was told. I thought it was a wonderful compliment. While other photographers almost exclusively showed full head-to-toe photos of wedding couples I showed a number of close-ups in addition to full body photos. Considering that we communicate so many emotions through our facial expressions it just seems like a natural method of storytelling, yet it’s not a very common style of photography in the St. Louis wedding industry.

Our photographer hijacked our day.” One bride’s mother relayed a story in which she felt she missed out on half of her own wedding day because her photographer essentially treated it like a big photo shoot. She didn’t get any photos of those wonderful little moments or memories because she didn’t even have the chance to create any. The whole day was all about poses and going here and there to stand in front of nice backgrounds.

My philosophy of capturing the day as it actually happens rather than trying to set it up like a fashion shoot really resonated with her. In fact, I hear that more and more; couples don’t want to spend their special day playing to the camera.

I love your black and whites!” Thank you! Actually, I have a lot of couples who ask me to capture their wedding specifically because of my black and white photography. I have a special place in my heart for it and I’m very proud of my growing reputation as the photographer for black and white. While I certainly create a lot of color as well, couples have been wanting more and more monochrome… and I’m thrilled!

To everyone who stopped by, I want to offer a heartfelt thank you. I made some very special connections.


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