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Being Published In Wedding Magazines


I’ve been published in a number of wedding magazines, but to be honest it isn’t an exciting prospect.

Wedding magazines and blogs are trying to give future brides decorating ideas. As such they are only interested in showing photos of details like flowers and table settings and not the things that truly make a wedding real and special: the couple, the moments, and the memories. Okay, I get that the world at large doesn’t really care about John Smith and Jane Doe at their wedding, but it’s a real disservice to both the photographer who worked hard to tell the story and to the couple who’s view of what wedding coverage should be is now skewed.

Yes, I photograph details, lots of details. Details ARE Important. However, it’s maybe 10% of my wedding day coverage while people, their activities and interactions, are the vast majority of the story I tell. Wedding publications, on the other hand, seem to think that 80% of the wedding day photos should be details and the rest should be poses. As though that somehow tells a story.


So, I don’t tend to submit nearly as many wedding photos to publications as other photographers. I don’t like their take on what constitutes a story. Moreover, most photographers simply submit images for publication as a way to be seen and get more bookings. Yet this kind of exposure would have people think I photograph mostly details and doesn’t even begin to show what I really capture. It’s misleading.

I understand why publications do it this way, but please: stop calling these “Real Wedding Stories” or some variation on the theme. A better title would be, “Wedding Ideas.”

And don’t even get me started on a magazine’s suggested shot list.


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