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First Kiss


What a great moment! You could never plan something like this. You just have to keep your eyes open all the time.


This is an ideal example of Joe Buissink’s* motto, “There’s no such thing as a perfect photo, only a perfect moment.” It’s a philosophy that I wholeheartedly agree with.



This was captured on the spur of the moment thanks to some quick reflexes (if I may say so myself). From a technical point of view, it’s hardly perfect. The background is far from ideal with the clutter of the DJs light stands, the fellow on the left, and the busy nature of the wall. Even a half second delay and this moment would be gone forever so there was no moving around for careful composition.

Ultimately it doesn’t even matter. Would you throw away a moment like this just because the background wasn’t perfect? All that really matters is that adorable smooch!

* Joe is a wedding photography hero of mine based in California. He’s an extraordinarily talented photographer who genuinely shoots from his heart and captures amazing emotions.



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