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Over Dad’s Shoulder



Both of these photos are remarkably similar in many respects, yet they each have a completely different story to tell.

In this first photo, even though the focal point is on the bride, the story I see here is really that of her father as he looks on quietly. He’s not interacting, he’s just taking in the moment.

Over_The_Shoulder_1The second is also an over-Dad’s-shoulder photo with the bride in the background, but now the focus is on Mom, both photographically and from a storytelling perspective. For such a quiet moment, we can really see a world of emotion playing out in front of us. The difference in expression between our bride and her mother is very powerful. Frankly, we don’t need to see Dad’s expression at all, Mom is like a mirror and tells us everything we need to know.Over_The_Shoulder_2

It’s easy to think photos like these are random, but they really aren’t. It takes a lot of empathy to recognize the emotion in these quiet little scenes and capture them in a way that tells the story.


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