Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding

Dancing In The Dark


I like moments like this. Nothing big or flashy, certainly nothing set up. Just some happy time together.

As is often the (frustrating) case at receptions any more, there was almost no light whatsoever. For too many photographers, the standard reaction to this level of dark is to point the flash forward and blast away. It’s easy. But it also ruins photos with harsh, flat light, ugly side shadows, and inky black backgrounds. No thank you.




Even though I had to use the flash here, I avoided firing it directly forward and used a little care to avoid all the above sins. Notice there is still detail in the background, you can actually see what’s going on around them. Yes, the couple is more brightly lit, but not harshly, and they’re not floating in pure black space. Our eye is drawn to them. They are, after all, the primary subject of the photo while the couples in the background serve to give some context to the scene.


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