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Controlled Chaos


Weddings are often controlled chaos. Capturing that split second when the chaos comes together and everyone seems to be an active part of the story is tough. It’s certainly not random. But when it works it’s a fantastic way to capture the real feel of the day.

Notice that almost everyone in this crowded photo is actively participating in the moment rather than just randomly standing around – with the exception of the woman against the far wall. We could even make a case that the man at the extreme left is participating in a more subtle manner as he seems to be paying attention to the same action we are as viewers.


Our eyes are drawn to the table, both following the participants gaze but also by the comparative brightness of the table. It’s no accident that the table appears to be generally brighter and better lit than the surrounding area (by virtue of some careful post processing). The woman on the left and the flower arrangement on the right frame scene.

Finally, by going black and white we’ve removed the jumbled mess of clashing, distracting colors to really focus on the story at hand.

There’s no controlling a scene like this. I just have to see the potential instinctively and be patient while all the elements come together. Sometimes they don’t, but most of the time there’s a single moment that brings all the elements into harmony.


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