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More Details


Details are an important part of every wedding day. Most couples spend a lot of time sweating the details, so it’s important that I capture a decent cross section. There’s no way to photograph everything but I get a good overall feel.

These are just a very few of the detail shots from this past weekend’s wedding. All of these were taken before the ceremony and represent only a fraction of the total. These don’t even take the reception into account.


When possible, I prefer to find scenes as they exist naturally rather than stage them. The reserved sign and a rose to be presented to the mothers is a prime example. That’s the way they were already placed. I simply had to find the right position. The reserved sign is a great story element as the bride had a special group of honored guests that were very important to her.



On the other hand, I’m not averse to do a little setup when I have the time and when the situation demands it. Her faith is a big part of the bride’s life, so placing the rings on a Bible just seemed right. I had her flowers held in position which adds a level of softness and beauty. The colors just work so well, even the emerald green table cloth that the Bible is resting on.


I particularly try to capture “action” details such as the lighting of the candles.


Detail photos fall about midway on my priority list (moments and emotions first, details, then eventually poses) which means if there’s a great moment between the bride and her mother, I’m not going to miss it to photograph her shoes.


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