Black and White Photography, Photo Enhancement

More Infrared


I had a chance to get out and test the new infrared camera yesterday at Shaw’s St. Louis Botanical Garden. I’ve photographed a number of weddings here over the years, but I’m always happy to have a chance to visit for personal enjoyment. With the leaves just starting to bud, it was a good day for IR photography. In a week or two it will be even better once the trees really fill out.

I’m so excited by the new IR camera. The quality is fantastic and it’s small enough that I can bring it to every wedding for some truly unique images. I sprung for an upgraded conversion filter that gives me more color, but still renders a great B&W image for the best flexibility.


Above: Out of the camera this photo had a pink-orange tone to it, but I swapped the color channels to get a more “natural” looking blue sky. The new camera gives me more color options than my old IR cameras.

Below: A lot of my IR work is still in black and white. This intimate landscape really comes alive in monochrome.


I can’t wait until this weekend’s weddings when I’ll really put it to work.


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