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Sean and Sarah


Sean and Sarah had a wonderful St. Louis wedding not quite two weeks ago. Beautiful church, some time at Forest Park, and reception in St. Charles. It was a great day with a great couple!

Sean_Sarah_1 Sean_Sarah_3 Sean_Sarah_4 Sean_Sarah_5 Sean_Sarah_6 Sean_Sarah_7 Sean_Sarah_8 Sean_Sarah_9 Sean_Sarah_10 Sean_Sarah_11 Sean_Sarah_12 Sean_Sarah_13 Sean_Sarah_14 Sean_Sarah_15

Just a quick blog note: I’m not generally a fan of “here’s a bunch of photos from a recent wedding” type of posts. I prefer to show a single photo or two and discuss what makes it special or unique. However, showing a cross section of a wedding also shows the style of coverage I try to create and shows a level of consistency. Anyone can get a lucky shot or two during the day, but consistency is tough.


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