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Dynamic Portraits Without Posing


I’m always looking for dynamic light, but as a photographer that finds moments rather than makes them, I’m often at the mercy of very poor light. Because being unobtrusive and allowing the day to unfold with minimal interference is the foundation of my coverage style I don’t use a lot of flash. Flash is intrusive, disruptive, and a terrible distraction when I’m trying to be invisible.

However, sometimes all the elements come together perfectly. Although it’s not planned ahead of time, it’s certainly not accidental. What I look for are OPPORTUNITIES to open before me, then pounce in a heartbeat once they present themselves. It’s very exciting.


The guys were getting ready in a dimly lit conference room with much brighter daylight pouring in through a window. The moment I entered the room I saw potential. All I had to do is hope the groom, Adam, would end up close to the window at some point.

Sure enough, he eventually made his way to that side of the room as he was talking with the other guys. The quality of light was simply amazing. Very classic Hollywood. I knew instantly this would make a very strong, dynamic black and white photo. All I had to do was wait for the perfect expression.

This photo was completely unstaged. I doubt Adam even knew I took a photo at that moment. However, it is about as far from “random” as you can possibly get.

By the way, the vignette in the background is not a post processing effect. It’s the result of deep set can lights in the ceiling that cast these beautifully shaped cones of light on the walls.


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