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Quick Shots


Although this is an extremely informal photo, it captures a very genuine and wonderful moment which makes it an important part of the story. Is it perfect? No. However, emotion and moments trump all.

Catharine and Adam had just spent a few minutes together at the gazebo beside the Muny atrium and we all decided to head to a nearby stream for a few more photos before heading to the reception. As I got ahead of them (jogging backward while rattling my gear all over the place) I saw their smiles and interaction.

I had all of a half second to put the elements together, adjust the exposure, and wait for their expressions to resolve while running backwards. I couldn’t be particularly picky about all the details (I don’t care for the tree trunk, for instance). I placed the gazebo in relation in the frame so that there is no doubt that’s where they’d just come from, so we’re telling a bit of story. The expressions were absolutely genuine and perfect. I also like the square frame. Squares have the potential to be static, but our couple brings enough energy and movement to balance it well.


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