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Num Num Num


Not all wedding photos are of the bride and groom. I try to capture the overall feel and atmosphere of the day, including the guests – the oldest and the youngest alike.

As the reception progressed those long, bendy glow-sticks were passed around and before long everyone was glowing red, blue, yellow, and orange. There was a break in the action so I went out on the patio where a number of guests were enjoying the relative quiet of the evening. The sun had gone down an hour ago and the only real light was the glow of the “bendy straws.” Not a great environment for photography, but I wanted to give it a try nonetheless.

Sitting at one of the tables a number of guests were chatting away while the littlest sat on his mother’s lap where he’d found something to occupy his time.

Thank goodness for fast lenses that take in as much light as possible – because there wasn’t a lot to be had! The darkness of this photo makes it work and gives it a different feel. Flash would have utterly ruined it!


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