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Setting Up The Pose


As regular readers know, I don’t do a lot of posing. That doesn’t mean that I’m averse to posing in general, however. It’s not uncommon for a couple to have a shot or two in mind that they’d like to have*.

Here the ladies were online looking to replicate the poster shot from the movie Bridesmaids. While we got the staged shot a few moments later, I personally like the intensity of the moment right here and it’s a very genuine part of the story of the day. They likely didn’t know I even took the photo.

Notice how everyone is an active participant? The success of a photo like this is waiting for the exact right moment when everyone is engaged. The graffiti wall provides a natural, busy background that fits the pace and feel of the afternoon.

*A couple of setup shots can be fun, as long as it’s done in moderation. When it turns into a whole day of staged Pinterest clones it goes against my philosophy of capturing the story as it unfolds naturally.


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