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Hand Colored Infrared


I like things that are different. Infrared photography in black and white is already different, but hand-colored infrared is unlike anything else.

It starts with an infrared photo taken with a specially modified camera. Notice how the leaves and grass are much brighter than you’d otherwise get with a traditional B&W image? The image goes through my usual, extensive process for monochrome images. Finally the most time consuming part begins, manually coloring the image – often leaf-by-leaf.

While I could choose realistic looking colors, what’s the point? I’d just take a color photo. The whole point of this kind of image is to bring a bit of fantasy into the frame. Therefore I choose a color palette with colors not often found in nature, but that harmonize well. There are a lot of magentas and pinks that go along with golds and blues. I tend to avoid green, for the most part.

I use IR images sparingly throughout the wedding day. Just a few go a very long way. And while I tend to bring my IR camera with me to just about every wedding, making a hand-colored photo is still an extra product done by request. But there’s simply nothing else quite like it, which is what I love.


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